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how to use the docker of the epitech moulinette

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this guide will show you how to install docker, download the epitech moulinette container and learn how to use it for your projects.



sudo apt install


sudo pacman -S docker

setup docker before first use

to use docker without root privileges run

sudo usermod -aG docker $USER

and REBOOT your computer afterwards for changes to take effect.

to start docker on every boot

sudo systemctl enable docker

get the epitech container

docker pull epitechcontent/epitest-docker

will download the epitech moulinette environement. make sure to have fast internet, because the container is about 5 gigabytes.

start the container and get a shell

go into the directory you want to get a shell in the epitech container.

docker run -it --rm -v $(pwd):/home/project -w /home/project epitechcontent/epitest-docker /bin/bash

will get you a bash prompt: you are now in the container. run the commands you want, and exit the shell when you are done.

if you are using docker on windows (inside powershell), run

docker run -it --rm -v ${pwd}:/home/project -w /home/project epitechcontent/epitest-docker /bin/bash