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how to link your vimrc file on windows

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i code on my linux machine, and i use vim as my text editor.
i've been using vim for almost 4 years, and i started to make my config file.
i store it with git, along all my config files for my linux setup (aka my dot files).

here's the thing, i also use windows to code, and i also use vim.
i also want to use the same config that i store in git.

to do so i need to do a symbolink link to my vimrc file. i dunno how to do that on windows.

here's how to do it:


if you use the old school, black boxed cmd.exe, you need to run these commands:

cd c:\users\_username_
mklink .vimrc _path-to-vimrc_

and you should be good to go.
just make sure it has been linked correctly with vim ~/.vimrc


if you use the new, blue boxed powershell.exe, it's a bit different:
you can make it with powershell's language (or whatever they call the stuff they're using), but some require admin privileges, some require custom functions or something like that...

or you can keep it simple and use the cmd command to use cmd.exe to run the mklink program to make the symlink:

cd c:\users\_username_
cmd /c mklink .vimrc _path-to-vimrc_


i found this blog post to find out how to do symlinks on cmd,
and i used this wikipedia article and this stackoverflow thread to learn how to do it on powershell.