my contributions to the linux kernel

you read it right! i am a contributor to the linux kernel!

… but you are going to be dissapointed: my contributions are not going to change the world, just comments, alignments and documentation and stuff…

i submited something like 10 patches (as of april 10, 2018) and 3 patches have been accepted and are now into the kernel!

if you wanna check them out, you can read them on

yes, i am aware that Linus has a copy of the repo on github, but when i try to see my commits on github, i can’t get them because there is too many commits and github can’t get me the list.

so, here are my kernel contributions, listed by date:

pretty cool huh? i’ll try to update this list if new patches go in the kernel.

update (may 12, 2018): fixed the github urls