I just came across a small tool named lolcommits and i was like lol what a name, so i started to look at the github page, to see that this tool takes a pic of your webcam everytime you make a git commit!

This is the best idea ever! The first thing i thought when i knew what it does was ohmy god i can make timelapses of me coding now (cause i love making timelapses of everything i do)!

But it turns out that people have been doing that already so i gotta catch up haha

how it works

very quickly: The way it works is you install ruby and some other programs then you install the gem for the program, you run lolcommits --enable which is going to create a file .git/hooks/post-commit.

From there you can edit options like to make a gif or to delay the process (if your webcam takes time to warm up) or some other options, everything goes through the post-commit hook.

By default, when you make a commit, the picture will be stored in ~/.lolcommits, under the folder of the git project.

That tool is so well-made that there is even plugins to the program! That’s awesome


im pretty sure you want an example, so here it is!