my computer

i never really talked about my computer so lets change that

my computer is a lenovo thinkpad x1 carbon (3rd generation) aka the 2015 version
the first model appeared in 2012 or some shit like that and it got better and better (afaik the first ones were bad)

so i got the 2015 model, a couple of weeks before the announcement of the 2016 version (i didn’t know at the time), and it cost me a FUCKING LOT OF MONEY
the computer itself cost me like 1400€ and i replaced the ssd (128gb stock) with a 512gb one for 200€, i did it separately because lenovo would have asked 500€ more if i did it through them.
so i have a (almost) 1700€ laptop that is wayy fucking more expensive than it should, and i got mocked a lot cause i don’t have a graphics card.

now specs, cause specs fucking matter right?
cpu: Intel® Core™ i5-5200U CPU @ 2.20GHz × 4
gpu: Intel® HD Graphics 5500
ram: 8 gigs (non removable)
ssd: 128gb m2 stock (512gb m2 current)
display: 14 inch 1920x1080 good looking display (to me)
wifi: Intel Corporation Wireless 7265
bluetooth: bluetooth 4.0
os: windows 10 home (stock)
webcam: 720p webcam + mic (now covered with tape)
battery: fucking good (like 9/10 hours with vim/chromium on arch, and like 7+ ish hours on windows with softcore work) (not removable)
keyboard: i got mine in qwerty (the keyboard is backlit in 2 modes)
trackpad: pretty good, you even got the trackpoint (the red thing in the middle of the keyboard) and the buttons from the ibm laptops (very useful)
fingerprint reader: almost never use it, useful in bios, works good on windows, bad on arch

pics now! these pics were taken in july 2016, and i was testing ubuntu 16.04 (terrible idea don’t do that)

the keyboard (backlit) & the trackpad (1.3 MB)

the entire thing (1.3 MB)

the display (pretty good right?) (1.4 MB)

the back of the computer (WITH STICKERS) (1.7 MB)

the laptop in my hand (around 1kilogram according to my sister) (1.4 MB)

the light when the laptop is running (1.3 MB)

the light when the laptop is off (it will slowly blink when it’s in sleep mode) (1.3 MB)

left side of the laptop (power; hdmi; minidisplay; usb3; jack;) (1.1 MB)

right side of the laptop (usb3; proprietary ethernet dongle; fan; kingerston safe lock thing;) (1.2 MB)

the back of the laptop (if you care about that) (1.2 MB)