my first vim plugin

i did it !

ayyy! i wrote my first vim plugin!

i’m so proud of this project, i started it and i finished it under 24 hours (check the git history if you dont believe me).

what is it ?

this plugin convert the current buffer opened in vim into hexadecimal or into text, and vice versa.

if you love vim (like me) and you need to edit binary files to change something or whatever, you can just open the file in vim like always , run :DirtyHexH to convert it to hexadecimal format, make your changes, and run :DirtyHexT to convert it back to text/binary format, and save your file.

can i use it?

yes! you can install it using your favorite vim plugin manager (i personally use vim-plug).

the source code is on github (of course), i even made a git tag for your pleasure, you’re welcome.