my online experience

protip: don’t listen to teachers in school, learn from the internet

My online experience is very short, here’s why.

My parents have been divorced for quite a long time now, so they have different policies when it comes to internet access. My mom was not that strict, but she didn’t encourage me to go on the internet; her first impulse when she needs to learn stuff is not to go on a computer, it’s by searching in a book. My father, on the other hand, was working with computers, so it was natural for him that I had my own computer.

So I had my first computer at around eight years old, it had Windows XP, Microsoft Office 2003, Seamonkey as a web browser (yes, my dad wanted us to use Seamonkey at home). I even installed Internet Explorer 7 because I thought it was cool. Terrible idea.

It was around that time when I created my Skype account, which I still use today (very rarely, but the account is still active), and I got my first Google account (at that time, the US law that requires you to be at least thirteen years old in order to create an account wasn’t here yet, it has been voted under president Obama).

Since my parents have been divorced already, I chatted with my father over MSN/Windows Live Messenger, and god I loved when we sent each other wizzes (plural of wizz).

And after that, we moved a bunch of times. In 2009, I created a Facebook account (now the thirteen year old law applies), and I was very stupid, I added my current school on my Facebook profile, and a teacher told my mom that she saw my account. My mother looked confused, and afterwards she saw that my sister also had a Facebook account (because it got created at the same time). My parents were mad at us so we weren’t allowed to go on the internet for a week. It seemed like a month back then.

Otherwise, I didn’t go on the internet that much, a couple of times on Wikipedia for school projects, and that’s it.

Fast forward to 2011, I still wasn’t allowed to go on the internet everyday, because I created a Google+ account and my parents weren’t happy about it. So I had to access the internet from school, where I created my first Twitter account (which is now closed) and a Facebook account under a pseudonym, so that my parents couldn’t find out that it was me. We lived in Martinique, the internet bandwidth was very slow, it was so slow that we didn’t have Wifi at home.

In summer 2012, I asked my father in France if I could get his laptop, because I was bored af when I didn’t have school, he said yes, and I started to do a lot of stuff on it when I had free time.

January 2013, I got my first iPod, it was an iPod Touch 5th Generation and I had iOS 6.1.3; I loved that version.

In summer 2013, we came back in France, and I started to use the internet everyday since that time, this is why I consider that my experience is very short.

But the strange thing is that I don’t go on a lot of weird websites, like I started to use reddit frequently only 3 weeks ago, and I discovered Tumblr a couple of hours ago no joke and I’m sure that I have not heard of websites that may seem impossible to you, because you’ve been on the internet for much more time than me.

This is why I’m asking for your help: give me your favorite websites that you find cool, fun, weird, where you like to learn new stuff, or just tell me why I should know that website, and if I could find a list of all the websites that consist of the “classic internet” or like a list of “classic internet references”, I’d love to find that someday.

What was your first time on the internet? Do you remember that?