Wolf Lambert music review

My friend Wolf Lambert makes music, which is good to be honest, I really enjoy it.

He’s been making music for almost 5 years, if my memory is good.

He says that he makes alternative and indietronica music, but since I’m not an expert in music, I don’t know if it’s accurate or not, but he knows what he’s doing, so it’s good. I say that he makes indie and alternative music, but he told me that indietronica is much accurate in this case.

His first album, Cut The Lights, was released on July 20th 2015; although he said the following quote:

“It was awful, it was way too quiet, and I had to rush to finish it so I forgot to remove 2 tracks, Aurora borealis and Varðeldar/Book burning.”

He removed the album and remastered it, and he uploaded in the beggining of 2016, which sounds way better (he said that too).

He released 3 EPs in total in 2015, the one that stands out in my opinion is Solar reflection, because I feel that it is weirder than the others; great EP.

On January 8th 2016, he released his second album Spacetravelisfinite, which feels much shorter than Cut The Lights, but is in fact almost as long as the first one, but a great album, done right from the first time (hey you need to learn from your errors).

But the thing is that when you listen to his music, you just press “play” and stop worrying about the tracks; You let him carry you into his world, and you forget about everything else, you’re just listening to his music, just enjoy it.

That’s the kind of music I love, because for most artists I’m stressed to know that the song will end and another one will be played (for some reason), with Wolf’s music I’m stressed out (see what I did there?), I just enjoy his music!

Back to his work. He released the EP Stealth on July 1st, 2016; great EP, very calm as usual, speeds up here and there, and slows down again. Loved it.

I think I can recognize Wolf’s music without knowing the title or the album of the song, I’m used to his indietronica style, that’s why I recognize his work directly; the music is weird, but not creepy, it’s kinda like nonsense, but in a good way, it makes you feel good.

He said that his newest album will come out this month, August 2016, and I can’t wait to listen to it.

Now, I will not hide that Wolf is my friend, I’ve been knowing him for more than a year and half, so you might think that this review is absolutely biased because I know him but that is not true, in fact, when I asked him some info about his work, I told him that I was gathering information for his Wikipedia page (that will happen someday, I’m sure)!

If you see this story Wolf, thank you for your great work, keep it up.

If you want to learn about Wolf, check out his Twitter and his Spotify profile, listen to his music, and give him feedback!